• Sep 02 2017
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It has been a sad year for motorcyclist’s, as White Helmets is bidding farewell for the final time. After Ninty years of performing in the public sector – it all has come to an end.

Where the White helmets began

White Helmets started in 1927. That wasn’t the original name they started with. There has been quite a few; ‘The Red Devils’, ‘Parachute Regiment‘ and finally ‘Mad Signals‘ (named, due to poor brakes that were known on the motorcycle). From 1963 ‘White Helmet’ stuck and that has been the name ever since.

White helmets are a group of volunteering serving soldiers from Royal Corps of signals, of the British Army. Started by a group of men, messing around on a motorbike. Doing stunts showing off to other soldiers, but building up the skills.

The motorbike used by the group has always been Triumph motorcycle. The originally tasked was to use the motorcycles to carry messages across the battlefield. The motorcycle came in after the Horses.

What is The White Helmets

A group of volunteering Serving men. Giving public display of motorcycling skills, acrobatic skills, and performing stunts to our delight.

Furthermore, the group formed in 1927, have the final performance on 27th September 2017. To everyone’s disbelief. Army Chiefs decided white helmets performances, were too old fashioned for the modern Military. It may be a little truth to their decision, but that is what the public liked about it – it was original.

To date of White Helmets

It isn’t easy being part of white Helmets. Before even making the team, it starts with two weeks of intense training, getting to grips of the motorcycle. This is before performing even the small tricks, stunts are practiced more than 60 times before even doing them on a motorcycle. Since passing the first stage, the group has to train hard for a further 7 weeks. The training is done over 5 days out of 7.

The team to date consists of 24 Soldiers and 1 officer. Keeping the original style of the outfits, which is a tailored blue uniform and an open faced white Helmet. The whole team trains through the winter period ready to show their performance in April. The rest of Summer is spent touring the United Kingdom and Abroad

Members of the White Helmet, are saddened by the news but they are glad to have been a part of it. One quoted “Once a While Helmet, always a White Helmet.” That can never be taken away.