• May 05 2017
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Top 15 motorcycles of all time

Seems like we all may love our own motorcycles, but as a rider, we can fully appreciate another bike.

Read the top 15 greatest motorcycles, maybe be inspired to go out and try one for yourself – the 2 wheeled icons of all time.

An established design template for generations of the heavyweight motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson EL bike had a top speed of 95mph. Was a well-known iconic motorbike ‘Knucklehead’, as its other name. This heavyweight bike weighed in at 515lb; 234kg and the price tag then was $380. Yet if you were to buy a replicate of 1936 motorbike now, the price tag up to date is $75.000 – $150.000.

1959 Triumph T120 Bonneville

A British motorcycle style and performance with an American name. In conclusion, not the greatest in looks as features go. Found in colours of grey, black and tangerine. It was ‘Edward Turner’s’ last production at Triumph, a lot of confusion over the T120 top speed. As recorded at apparently being 120mph – therefore, this is not the case. A few years later this theory was re-tested and recorded at 108mph. In 1963 Actor Steve McQueen rode the same model motorcycle in The Great Escape movie.

1969 Honda CB750 Four

The Japenese model bike was publicly launched in the United Kingdom at Brighton Motorcycle Event. Held in Metropole Hotel Exhibition Centre, during April 1969. In addition, AMA competition committee recognised the need for variation of racing, the decision to change the rules, was decided from 1970. The model CB750 could carry another passenger and was affordable to make for the manufacture.

1970 Honda CT70 Trail

A step up from a mini bike, a motorcycle that is small enough for children yet powerful enough for adults. Honda participated in making motorsports-themed parks in Tokyo called ‘Tama Tech’. When this was put into practice, individuals commented on how silly everyone looked, like little monkeys. That is when the term monkey bike was invented for this model of the motorcycles.

1975 Honda GL100 Gold Wing

This touring motorcycle powered by a liquid-cooled flat 4 100cc engine, offered a new level of power. Honda GL100 Gold Wing was introduced to the market at the Cologne Motorcycle show in 1974.

1977 Harley-Davidson Low Rider

A motorcycle designed as a custom chopper, used mainly for drag racing. The model name used is The Bad Attitude. The first line of models in production was only available in metallic grey and orange script. It was only later that black and white became available. Also in its first year of production, The Bad Attitude outsold all of the other Harley Davidson lines. Accounting for a total of 20% of the total sales above the rest.

1981 BMW R80 G/S

The adventure motorcycle sometimes known as the Airhead Bike, manufactured in Berlin. Engineered by Rüder Gutsche a successful competitor in the International Six Days Trial. Producing 21,864 bikes, due to the high demands.

1984 Kawasaki ZX900 Ninja

The original Ninja was good for the top speed of 145mph, the fastest production money could buy. The Ninja even had fame with Tom Cruise’s character ‘Maverick‘ using a Ninja in the movie Top Gun.

1985 Suzuki GSZ-R750

GSZ-R750 entered the market to the public in March 1985. The first racebike with lights became the first street legal racers bike. Evolution of all modern sports bike, this motorcycle is a world’s real classic.

1993 Ducati M900 Monster

M900 Monster created the Naked Bike, the first ever modern street bike. A form that combined high-performance components and Uban-friendly riding position. Without the genius behind the Monster M900 range, then Ducati wouldn’t have existed today.

1998 Yamaha Y2400F

Manufactured between 1998-2001, a race bike that is lightweight and powerful. Every riders favourite dirtbike in motorcycles history.

2014 Zero SR

The electrical motorcycle that can do 0-60mph in only 3.3 seconds. A bike designed for riders, who simply want to go faster and accelerate harder. Designed with a motor that uses higher temperature magnets to ensure a better performance. Especially during the extended duration at higher speeds.

2014 EBR 1190RX

A street-legal racing bike. Weighing in at 419lb with a price tag of $18,995. Powering on Electronic fuel only, this motorcycle was made to be flexible. Also with the intention to be able to hold tight arc through a corner.

2015 Harley Davidson Street 500/750

The first, all new Harley Davidson made in more than a decade. Including a big structured design, that is a good fit for City riders. Feels smooth whilst riding at 70mph, with price ranging around $7,995.

2015 Honda NM4

With the riding positioned lower, it enhances the stability for the rider. This model is made to look and feel like batman’s vehicle, the only downside to it – is the size of saddlebags. consequently, they look bigger than they are. Also with an 3 place position available of the passenger seat, when not in use this can be used as a rider backrest.

In conclusion: All these bikes are great in their own way, experiencing them is what gives an opinion of experience.