Ten adventures
  • Apr 23 2017
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Ten Best known adventures – is a general summary. Maybe everyone has their own opinion and taste. Whether it is the thrill or experience, furthermore, these ten places are a must see.

Ten best know places for an adventure


A Winter escape – experience, with amazing riding possibilities. Yet to suit all tastes. With reasonable surfaces on the main roads and light traffic. The easy bends and amazing views. Morocco is making the experience an enjoyable one. Whilst tackling mule tracks and Morocco dry riverbeds. In addition to wild mountains and sand dunes. The isolated riding is one not to be missed.


A leisurely riding experience, changing scenery often. The road conditions can vary. Due to Turkey’s well-known bumpy rural roads and their smooth fast motorway. This is a thrill to seek.

Costa Rica

A safe and peaceful country experience. Central America offers lots to see. Offering – Tropical beaches, cloud forest reserves, but most of all – volcano’s that can be rode upon. Plenty of dirt trails and short stretches of motorways. Seems like this is more than one place.


Experience the magnificent scenery, as a result, Waterfalls available. But most relevant is plenty of roads that defy gravity.


Having spectacular scenery and a much-loved community for riders. A city where the Italians love their motorcycles, with many hotels having orange signs. Signs saying – ‘moto sotto il letto‘ meaning bike under roof. Offering secure parking and evening meetings with other motorcyclists. It’s the place where you want to be involved in.

North Vietnam

Known to many riders for their remote circuit. Due to their isolated villages. With colourful mountains and steamy valleys. North Vietnam roads are a single tracked, consequently found with plenty of potholes.

Australian Outback

Wild and desolate. Riding for hours or even days without seeing another vehicle. Desert tracks that are rocky, many having bulldust – due to a hole big enough to bury your bike. Australian Outback will test your riding ability.


A well-known City of mayhem to riders. As traffic, livestock and humanity fight for their space. But most of all, rural India is amazing.

America’s – Wild West

First of all, America is historically known, for its Route 66. While Great Western trail is offering an adventurous off-road riding experience.

North Yorkshire

While – North Yorkshire made the list, we all love it for different reasons. But motorcyclist has different experiences we found. Furthermore, riders found clean air, with roads that twist. Through the Valleys and untamed Moors. Beauty being an experience within itself. North Yorkshire welcome motorcyclists, with Helmsley having bikers café and accommodation.


First of all – there is plenty of other places in the world to visit. As a result, you will gain from their experiences. In conclusion, these top ten places for an adventure was found to be relevant. But most of all, even if you don’t visit these places for a motorcycle adventure, maybe go for the experience. The experience from their culture and also their way of living.