• Oct 08 2017
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Scooters are seen from time to time on the road, but why do people choose them? Is it for the style or simplicity.

Scooters Information

Scooter was designed and made in 1915, designed with a light frame, small or low wheels. That are automatics, not having to worry about changing gears when nipping through a city. A step-through frame with a platform for your feet. Making them different from the other motoring family. With engine sizes varying between 50cc-250cc. The engine is usually found either at the rear end or underneath the seat. You can really see why people buy them, they seem like a simple and easy way to commute. The first type of scooter was designed and called ‘Autoped‘. Using the handlebars to maneuver the scooter. Not only did it direct the direction of where it was going but pushed forward to go and pulled back to stop.

Scooters Vs Moped

Scooters are different from a moped. Mopeds stand for Motorizing Pedals. Mopeds have engine sizes of 50cc or less. Most people will think that moped resemble powered bicycles. They still have the step-through frame style and pedals for you to control the speed. The moped is cheaper on insurance and road tax compared to the scooter. So if you are wanting a motorcycle with simplicity then scooter it all the way.

Scooters whereabouts

You will see scooters all over, but according to statistics, they are more popular in Europe. Places that are most popular are Italy, Mediterranean, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Not very popular in the US. Most of these places are highly popular with a build-up of traffic. Scooters are an easier way to cut out the traffic and nip about. With the automatic gearing, no need to worry about going up or down with the gears. But still being able to get the speed, if the engine size is right.

Finally .. There is plenty of Scooter Clubs to join. Just have a look to see what is close to your location.