Scooter Rally
  • Sep 25 2017
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Scooter Rally, is becoming a bigger industry as time passes. Enthusiast is wanting to be part of it more, as each year goes past. Uniting people from all over the world. Since existing since 1950’s, building up to form multiple events to honour the motorcycle industry.

Scooter Rally Coming To Bridlington

An event, that welcomes all different members of scooter clubs. Uniting them, as one; coming together to enjoy the love of scooters. This event is happening at the Bridlington Spa Theatre. On October, 27th – 29th 2017. Tickets can be bought on the door for as little as £8.00, Starting at 8 pm. It is an event that people can stay in a BB’s; Hotel’s, or rough it with camping. But be early and book ahead. Thousands of people are expected to travel, so spaces are limited.

Bridlington Scooter Rally is run by VFM and LCGB, bringing all business together to hold such event. Plenty of things to see, at these meetings, such as; going on group rides. People generally discussing their love of scooters. Enjoying the local music. Finally drinking together.

All ages are welcomed, but all under 14-year-olds, have to be supervised at all times. People are welcome to just join in some of the time, or make the weekend of it.

In Conclusion

Whether or not you follow these types of events, it is one that shouldn’t be missed. Meeting people from all around, talking about the scooter or racing a scooter, something is to be learnt from these.

In these types of events is its expected to bring thousands of people from all over. So if you happen to be from that area, be warned. That your hometown is going to be full. That means traffic and noise so allow that extra time if needing to be elsewhere. Otherwise, get involved.