• May 23 2017
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Smallest motorcyclist at only 2ft 4in is Pityu Toth originally from Hungary. Pityu is a circus performer of Cottle & Austen Circus that travels around the world performing on his motorcyle.

World’s smallest Motorcyclist – Pityu Toth

Pityu Toth – real name Istvan, is the modern day ‘Tom Thumb’ a circus performer at the age of 39. Pityu’s father was also small and he was from two generations of small parents, but Pityu’s mother was of a normal height. Pityu has never let his height get in the way of him living a normal life. The Hungarian also married a normal height – circus performer, called Andrea, whom he met whilst working together. Andrea was a sword swallower whilst he was a motorcyclist. They have been happily married 17 years and share a 16-year-old daughter Katrine together.

His height does have some difficulties in life. Like doing a food shop, he has to take his circus companions – ‘strong men’. At 6ft they lift Pityu up so he can reach things off the shelves and out of the freezers.
He struggles to find clothes to fit, and cannot fit into kids clothes. As his frame is too broad, Pityu has managed to find a tailor in his hometown, one that makes all his clothes for him. At home, Pityu manages to live a normal life, his home has been adapted to his needs, his Audi car is altered to his height.

Becoming a Circus performer

Pityu loves to perform and found this love when being on stage from the age of 3. Pityu joined the Circus performing by riding a custom-made motorcycle, doing acrobatic tricks. The motorcycle that is made for him is that small, it can be put into a regular sized suitcase. when asked why he joined the circus, he says ‘The circus gave me freedom.’