• Apr 27 2017
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Newly developed; the self-driving, self-riding and self-balancing motorcycles are underway. As a result – because of great minds and technology, the new development of the motorcycle, has improved since the world’s first motorcycle.

Newly developed Self-Driving Motorcycle

Yamaha has newly developed an autonomous humanoid robot – called ‘Motobot’. The Motobot hasn’t many features. It cannot speak or hear. Also, it cannot walk or listen. Yet when Motobot is on a motorcycle, it is phenomenal. Motobot can only reach the top speed 100 km(ph) at this present time. The Japanese are hoping by the end of 2017, Motobot will be able to double its top speed and race against Valentio Rossi. A nine-times world champion of the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing.

Self-Riding Motorcycle

The ‘Cyclotron‘  is a self-riding motorcycle. The motorcycle has butterfly doors, that can open on both sides. Due to the side, the rider chooses to exit. It also includes two adjustable seats, opposite each other. The motorcycle has a climate controlled cabin, also heated/cooled seats. Furthermore, it includes a surround sound and noise controlled system. The Cyclotron, wheel designed to be able to travel in both directions. With power sent to both wheels also improved traction on wheels – especially for Winter periods. In addition, the motorcycle is designed with the intention to cut out the carbon footprint.

Newly developed Self-Balancing Motorcycle

Honda first demonstrated their self-balancing motorcycle in Las Vagas. With the title of ‘Moto riding assistant’ a motorcycle, powered by a digital system. Moto riding assistant – is designed to not fall over, with a vision to reduce the number of accidents on the road to date. The motorcycle can be moved without being controlled by a driver. How it works is by an engaged system increases the fork angle, lengthening the bikes wheelbase – disconnecting the front forks from handlebars. This is designed to help riders that find their motorcycle too heavy to handle.