• Aug 23 2017
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Motorcycle Sidecar

A three-wheeled motorcycle sidecar, that still catches the eye. Secretly wanting to ride in one or own one, it is the ultimate must. The sidecar has plenty of other names, such as combination, outfit, rig or hack.

In conclusion, it is the ultimate cool motorcycle on the road.

Where It Began

In 1983 a Mr. M Bertoux, a French army officer, secured a prize offered by the French newspaper. Awarding him for designing the best method of carrying a passenger on a bicycle. Held together by a few screws and pieces of metal.

Then 20 years later, on January 7th, 1903, the sidecar appeared in the British Newspaper Motorcycling – a cartoon written by George Moore. The sidecar was then taken by one of Britain’s sidecar manufacturers Watsonian. Founded in 1912, which is still going under a new name – Watsonian Squire.

In 1913, An American inventor Hugo Young, redesigned the sidecar, taking away the rigidness. The sidecar was still fixed to the side of the motorcycle – but allowing flexibility. The new sidecar was able to turn, raise and lower without affecting the balance of the motorcycle. Up until 1950’s, the motorcycle proved to be quite popular, providing a cheaper alternative than a passenger car.

Motorcycle Sidecars Used For Army Purposes

In WW1 British Army managed to increase the mobility of their Vickers Machine Guns. The Gun and its tripod weighed between 65-80 pounds, it required 6-8 men to carry just one of these. With the invention of the sidecar, the guns were fitted and transported easily. Being able to move around more quickly, between all the sectors.

In WW2 German troops used many of the BMW and Zündapp sidecar motorcycles. These type of sidecars sometimes could be driven, using different gear to improve the vehicles terrain abilities.


In the UK and other countries, using the left-hand side of the road. Sidecars are to be fitted to the left side of a motorcycle. The same position of passengers to a car. In the UK, sidecars that are fitted to the right side of a motorcycle is prohibited if registered after August 1981.