Motorcycle license
  • Jun 02 2017
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Motorcycle License consists of three steps, below are the steps towards getting a full license.

First Step to a Motorcycle license

A CBT (compulsory basic training) course is the first step. A CBT is not a test, it is basic training to allow a rider to ride a motorcycle with a 50cc and over, sized engine. You cannot fail this, however, if the instructor feels that you’re a dangerous motorcyclist, they can refuse to give a CBT certificate. A CBT usually costs around £130, depending on the location and days; times required. If needing a motorcycle during training, this can put money on top of the original cost. When taking the course, it is standard practice to go out in groups, usually, find about 4-5 learners in the group. The A2 license is what is held when passing the course, it is compulsory that a motorcycle is ridden with L plates on. Remember, the CBT certificate lasts up to two years.

Second Step to a Motorcycle license

When the two years is up, a theory test is to be taken for a Motorcycle license. No need to take any motorcycle lessons, as the time in between is enough to practice the skills. The theory test consists of two parts, a highway code knowledge and a hazard awareness, using video clips. The average cost fo a theory test is around £25, again depending on time and location.

Third Step to a Motorcycle license

There are two ways to getting a license. Depending on age, it is possible to buy the license, this is available to 24 years and over. If the rider is aged between 21-23, it is also possible that one can be bought if an A2 license has been held for over 2 years. The total cost of buying a license varies between £500-£900. Or by taking a practical test, this made up of two modules. Cost, again depending on the location start from £90.50. The first module is off-road manoeuvres, this includes cone dodging, low-speed handling and an emergency stop. The second part of the module is made up of two parts also, one is an on-road assessment. This will be directed by the instructor through an earpiece. The second part is independently driving, nothing will be said during this.


It is important that all license are correct and up to date. Research the local are for deals and places to take these courses.