• Apr 25 2017
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Starwars is famous for the futuristic Hovercraft. With designs of the Hover Motorcycle (Hoverbike) underway. Has the Hovercraft envolved into the Hoverbike? Maybe the fantasy has become reality.

Hoverbike – similar to the Starwars Hovercraft

Helicopter Pilot, Christopher Malloy. A 32-year-old amateur inventor ploughed his entire life-savings, into the making of the Hoverbike. Christopher custom built the flying motorcycle with carbon fibre airframe. Weighing approximately 231 pounds, with a BMW engine. Designed and built in his garage, as a result, taking a total of two and a half years. With a maximum altitude of feet and a top speed of 172 mph. With motorcycle features and handlebars able to manoeuvre the hoverbike, forward and reverse.

Therefore waiting for testing, as a result not knowing 100% what would happen whilst riding. Christopher consequently either wants a parachute attaching to the hoverbike, or the pilot itself.

If the hoverbike is made, a pilot’s licence is not needed, it would fall into the ‘ultralight’ category. Although in practicality the government is going to allow anyone to drive one.

But in conclusion, it looks a fairly risky way to commute.


Christopher is hoping the finished Hoverbike will fetch a staggering $85.000 by 2017.

Another Starwars comparison

Seems like other inventors are having a go at their design of Hovercrafts. Finally, another amateur inventor is a British man – Colin Furze. Colin from Lincolnshire is a plumber by trade but turned to a self-taught engineer. Colin designed and built his Hoverbike in a matter of weeks, in his gardens garage. This isn’t his first or only invention, he has plenty of wonderful creations. The Hoverbike he designed, has no breaks and doesn’t include a seat. It has two accelerators, that can go forward and backwards, and can be steered using balance weight distribution, similar to a hoverboard.

In Conclusion

We do not recommend for any of our customers to try this at home.