four motorcycle races
  • May 04 2017
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Motorcycle racing – is the motorcycle sport, of people racing motorcycles. The FIM (Federation International Motorcycling) classifies motorcycle racing into four main categories.

The Four Racing Categories are:

Road Racing

A circuit course on a closed public road. Was once common race but only a few circuits left, mainly found in Europe. This form of racing was banned in Great Britain in 1925, due to an unfortunate spectator accident. This accident happened at Kop Hill Climb in Buckinghamshire. The ban in Great Britain does not extend to the countries of Isle of Mann or Ireland. This is because the term ‘Real Road Racing’ is used to differentiate form of racing. Instead, these races take place on a purpose-built paved circuit. Also, tempory tracks are made, by closing off airport runways. Often these type of races is between 1-3 miles long with scenic surroundings, like parkland.

Motorcross Racing

Is directly equivalent to road racing, except it off road. The motorcycles are racing on a closed circuit, consisting of a variety of non-tarmac surfaces. Surfaces such as dirt, sand, mud and grass. With advances in the technology of suspension, this has led this type of racing to have added jumps. The race has a total of 40 motorcyclists, with them all riding into the first corner together. The winner of this race is whoever finishes first. Motorcross racing first enrolled into the United Kingdom in 1909, with the fastest rider to finish was called scramble. Consequently, this race was originally known as Scrambles Racing.

Track Racing

An oval track, where the motorcycles of teams or individuals race around. A race that has a total of 4-8 competitors, completing a set of 4-8 laps. Track racing sport was popular in the 1920’s, the winner being the one with the highest points. These motorcycles are customised, with no breaks and using methanol fuel. Speedway tracks use bikes with no gears or breaks, resulting in engines running higher in power and speed (approx 80mph) around corners. The rider is awarded points and the reality of the race lies with the riders ability of control with their bike.

Enduro and Cross Country

This is an off-road sport, with the total of 10+ miles lap. The track is often through a forest with laps made up of different stages, consisting of target times. Penalties are given to riders through the race for either being early or late. The race’s goal is to be on time. Some of the course is tight, other parts are lax allowing the competitor to recuperate. The whole event last generally around 3-4 hours, can last longer at times. The bigger occasions of National or World Championship can mean the race will last for several days.

 Finally please do not try any of these four types of racing – especially if you are not fully trained to. In conclusion watching these types of races would be fun.