• Apr 10 2017
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Experiences differ from person to person and there is no right or wrong answer to this. Everyone will take what they want from their experiences. Because there will be different reasons to why people own a motorcycle.

Experiences with Feeling

Many words can describe – how it feels to ride a motorcycle, I have based my answers on the majority of people’s experiences. The most common one that kept popping up was freedom, the sense of being in control. When riding a motorcycle all your sense are heightened, you focus a lot on what is happening around you. Your hands and feet are always busy and you can not fully relax whilst riding. Most of all, you get an adrenaline rush, knowing there is danger surrounding you – not only do you need to concentrate on your riding, probably need to watch other road users too.

Your sense of smell is heightened whilst riding, you probably could tell where you are, with your eyes closed. By associating the smells to the places (Do not try this). You can also feel everything – from the change in weather; to the speed of the wind. You become in tune with your body – connecting with the motorcycle, learning how to handle it; how it leans – manoeuvres. Furthermore, the weight of the motorcycle seems like it’s not relevant, yet it is because you have to be in control.

Noticing the changes

You become more aware of road signs, what they mean and what to do when you approach them. As a result of knowing what to expect keeps you safe while you are riding. You need to plan your road trips a bit more on a motorcycle, making sure you have the correct protective clothing on, depending on the weather. Also knowing the weather; of course the worse the weather is the more you should avoid riding that day. This reduces the risk of causing an accident on yourself; or someone else.

If you want to try out the motorbike experience, there is plenty of places that offer that opportunity.